Congratulations Brenda!

September 30th, 2005 / Filed Under: work / 1 Comment / Tags: ,

No, its not a new child. Brenda was successful in her application for a new job in her office at university. She currently works there as a student assistant, which means filing and running stuff around but a position opened up recently which Brenda and a few others applied for and she starts on Monday. I think the title is something like Supervision Office Administrator so she is more involved in the actual business of the office (which is getting teaching students through their teaching experiences). It also means double the wage she was on so we can afford an appartment before I start working.

I also now have my first credit card so I can start building a credit score, which is used for all kinds of things like how much you have to pay to insure a car. My driver’s license has expired so I can’t drive a car any more but things are starting to come together.

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  1. Comment by Nick W on October 1st, 2005 9:48 am

    Congratulations on the new job Brenda, Neils first step to being a kept man! You even have to drive him around again now his licence has expired! Put your foot down now girl before it’s too late ;-)

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