World Cup Qualification

October 12th, 2005 / Filed Under: sport / 1 Comment / Tags: , , ,

It’s somewhat disappointing that although we are through to the World Cup, both Mexico and USA were both through before us (albeit against easier teams) and are both still above us in the world rankings. Its $25 on pay per view to watch the match – they only seem to show England matches on PPV, none of the other European teams – so I decided to stick to Talksport radio via the internet.

At least if we lose to USA I won’t get any stick about it as no-one here will know. It won’t even be any fun rubbing their noses in it if we beat the Yanks as it will mean nothing to them. I would say there will be banter with the Mexicans but they (and the Americans) have too much trouble understanding my accent. I’ve even tried pronouncing words with their accent (Mountain Doo instead of Dew) but they still haven’t got a clue what I’ve just asked for. Maybe I need to watch Mickey Blue Eyes again. And Desperado.

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  1. Comment by Nick W on October 15th, 2005 3:17 am

    You could try carrying a pad and pen and writing down your requests, but then can they read?