The end of dialup

February 4th, 2006 / Filed Under: computing -sport / 1 Comment / Tags: , , , , , ,

Good win for England this morning, managed to see it via webcam.

I’m almost out of the dark ages with the internet – I’ll have my very own 3 mb broadband connection next week if all goes to plan. In the meantime I’ve had to get AOL as my previous ISP trial ran out and AOL being as difficult as they can won’t let me send mail from my freeserve account. I can still receive it but I won’t be sending much this week so no-one gets confused and replaces their address book entries as has happened before when I’ve used temporary email.

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  1. Comment by Nick W on February 11th, 2006 9:59 pm

    Now you’ve got the 3Mb link, tell the guys, skype is so much better (and cheaper:-)) than using BT, and, yes, I’ll get a better quality webcam for the Calcutta Cup on the 25th, but if England played like they did against Italy, you could be regretting seeing it in more detail :-) , Lets see how Scotland and Wales come together at Cardiff today! Cymru Am Byth!!!

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