Barnes the gangsta

March 4th, 2006 / Filed Under: sport / No Comments / Tags: , , , ,

It seems that John Barnes wants to get back in to the rap game with a part on the England World Cup single, especially if it includes gangtsa rap. He came to my university for a Q&A session and probably half of the questions were about the Anfield Rap (the others were about the Lucozade ad). Can you really do a motivating gangsta rap about football? Is it still gangtsa rap if there’s no swearing (can’t see the FA sanctioning a song with Barnes using the “n-word”)?

And I’ve just noticed it’s Christian O’Connell organising it on Virgin Radio. I’d heard he left XFM (the show I used to listen to on the way to work every morning), just can’t see it beeing the same on Virgin. Anyone been listening and know if its any good?

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