New stuff on the blog

April 13th, 2007 / Filed Under: web / No Comments / Tags: , , ,

I’ve added a few bits to the right hand column on the blog. There’s the twitter stuff, which is like a mini blog – the idea is to answer ‘what are you doing’ in 140 characters or less. I’ve heard a lot about it so I though I’d try it out, not sure how good it will be yet.

Then there’s my lastfm charts which show the artists I’ve been listening to on iTunes and my iPod for the week and an overall chart.

Last of all I finally found something to put in the links section, there’s my flickr account which has photos, but I haven’t taken many recently so I’ll try to get more in there. There’s also a myspace link to my page there.

I might be playing around and adding/removing bits but it adds a little more information for when I don’t post anything new myself.

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