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I’ve had quite a bit going on recently.  Work has been very busy – my main project is a redesign of the intranet based knowledge base for the help desk.  After a year’s work the front page is finally online, it is a big relief and probably the biggest project I’ve ever worked on.   Now comes the gradual conversion of the remaining 12,000 pages on the site.

I’ve been learning a lot more about web design, and more importantly to me, the design aspect of it.  In Stream I built the technical side of the sites, while Paul did the graphical design side and I’ve never been confident, or had any idea how to go about, putting together a design.  I’ve been picking up a lot lately and I’ve come a long way, there still a huge amount to learn but I’m a lot happier with my design skills now.  I found laying stuff out on grids is very helpful.

I’m considering moving this blog again, I don’t want to keep shuffling around and messing up everyone’s bookmarks but this time I’m looking at keeping WordPress but hosting it myself on my own domain.  This would mean I could design my own site rather than use this template.  There’s no address yet but it’s something I’m working towards.

Oh, and I’ll be back in England again at the start of January.

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  1. Comment by Owen Williams on September 12th, 2008 6:29 am

    yeah yeah and who taught you some of the photoshop you know eh??? EH??!!? yeah exactly boy.

    and dont mess up my bookmarks or my blogroll, or i’ll cut you, i cut you bad cos im a bad roach.

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