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    Sunday, July 1st, 2007

    I went along to the Apple store yesterday to see if they had any iphone stuff around, just to see. There’s been so much coverage of the iphone on tech podcasts recently and I didn’t really want one what with the expensiveness and small ipod capacity. But playing with it in the store (they had 8 on display to play with in place of some ipods) its way better than I expected. Its much smaller, I’m used to my 3rd generation iPod which is big these days but this one is really thin and the glass doesn’t get all smudged and covered in finger prints as my camera screen does. The typing is really good, it has a virtual qwerty keyboard which uses by far the best predictive text I’ve seen as you write. So it looked like my fat thumbs would be hitting 3 or 4 keys at a time but the iPhone got every word correct.

    I’ll be in the market for a new phone soon, but I don’t know about paying $600 (plus tax) to get into a 2 year contract at $60 a month (plus $20 of taxes and fees) for a phone on an old slow internet service. Think I’ll try to find one of the few 1 year contracts and consider the version 2 iPhone at a later date. I was quite tempted when I was playing with it though….


    Thursday, July 21st, 2005

    I’ve got round to buying myself a new phone, the Sony one that lasted me a year and a half got too annoying – sorry to those who have been recieving half a text followed by the full thing, or even empty texts. It seems to send a text whenever it feels like it so my bill should be ridiculously high this month with all the extras.

    I’m now on Cingular, which I believe works with O2 & T-Mobile for texts at the moment and hopefully they will have the full range soon. If I don’t forward the number to you just send me a nudging email. Got a reasonable discount of $100 off the phones, the guy I bought them from reminded me of Spanish market sellers who don’t let you leave until they have halved the price and got a sale. It is slightly disturbing that we have a “his & hers” set of phones – Brenda has the black Razr and I have the same one in silver. I suppose this is the kind of thing that happens when you become an old married couple.

    Still, it looks the part anyway….