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    Permanent Residency

    Thursday, June 15th, 2006

    I got a “Welcome to the United States of America” letter from the immigration people today telling me that my application for permanent residence has been approved. At this point I don’t think it really makes much difference to my everyday life other than the fact that I have to carry an permanent resident ID card with my everywhere I go. I have just over 2 years until I can apply to be a US citizen but I’ll look into that closer to the time – I think it will let me move more freely between the US & UK as currently I need to spend a certain percentage of my time here otherwise I’ll lose my status.

    In the football today the commentators seemed to get all the player’s names correct but they went very quiet when they showed shots of the player’s wives & girlfirends, I don’t think they had a clue who they were. They did say however, that getting booked for timewasting was a waste and they should save the cards for a professional foul.

    I think ESPN have been getting complaints about their coverage, they didn’t show any of the national anthems until it came to the USA game, then they went to a commercial break straight after the US anthem so we didn’t have to sit and listen to the Czech anthem. It seems that some people found this a little offensive and they have started to show the full anthems, added nicely to the build up to today’s game.

    Excitement is building amongst the pundits who keep saying how badly the US did on Monday and then are upbeat saying they can still beat Italy. I just hope they don’t go back to US ‘sports’ stop showing all the games after they get beaten again.

    US World Cup coverage

    Monday, June 12th, 2006

    Its been an interesting start to the TV coverage of the world cup, the first build up show is on today as a run up to the first US game, all the others start 5 minutes before kick off and more than 4 of those minutes are ads. The main commentator, ESPN’s answer to Motty is a baseball commentator who’s never commentated on football before the tournament. So far he’s done well recognising players but spends most of the time spouting irrelavant facts, almost as if he doesn’t know what else to talk about. During the England game (he did call us Germany at one point) he mentioned how popular Michael Beckham is in England. Fortunately the commentators all have an ex-pro as co-commentator so at least there’s usually one person who has some idea of what they are talking about.

    Today’s USA match should be an interesting one, the commentators keep talking about what a great oportunity the US have to beat European opposition on European soil. At half time in the Oz v Japan game the analyst was saying that it will all be about the goalkeepers and the US will do well as he believes Kasey Keller is a better keeper than “Peter” Cech.

    I am grateful that I don’t have to watch all the matches on the internet with Chinese commentary though!