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    Knackered Knee

    Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

    Its been 2 weeks and my knee has been gradually getting better, still wouldn’t pass any fitness tests though. I’ve been on the 800mg ibuprofen and for the last few days been cutting down on it but it’s just meant that since I cut back there’s more soreness. Still nowhere near playing sports again, not decided yet whether or not to go back for more scans.

    Job hunt is still ongoing, I think everyone is biding their time and will all call to offer me an interview at the same time.

    Trip to the doctor’s

    Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

    I had my first job interview the other day, was invited back for a 2nd interview but it was selling insurance benefits to companies which isn’t really me but at least its a start in meeting employers.

    I made my first visit to an American doctor today, it was a lot easier than the NHS! Brenda has health insurance through her job so I went along and had to pay the $10 fee to see a doctor. In 35 minutes I saw the triage nurse, had a few x-rays on my knee and saw a doctor and left. I hurt my knee a year ago throwing a ball and I agitated it playing tennis the other day – it seems I sprained my medial collateral ligament. Got to rest it for a couple of weeks and if its not better go back for an MRI to see how badly the ligament was stretched.

    The ibuprofen is starting to kick in now so its not so bad. The most annoying thing was that I had finally got back into exercising regularly!

    Sun burn

    Sunday, April 9th, 2006

    It seems that summer is on its way. I got my first sunburn yesterday, in fact I think its the first time I’ve been burned since being out here – I was constantly wearing sun cream when I arrived so I avoided it then. We put the top down on Brenda’s car while driving around, I was enjoying the sunny day and by the evening I had a glowing red face. Looks like I’ll be carrying around the sun cream with me now until about Novemeber!