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    Have a Happy 4th!!!

    Friday, July 4th, 2008

    Today I’m celebrating independence from the monarchy and tyranny of the non-scurvy ridden British. Without having grown up here I don’t know if its just a recent thing but people seem to not want to call holidays by their ‘official’ name. For example, Merry Christmas is now Happy Holidays and Independence Day, while ‘also known as’ 4th of July is now generally shortened to “Have a Happy 4th”. I wonder if this is trying to break away from the orignal meaning of the celebration as with changing Christmas to the secular Holidays. So maybe its peoples trying to make me feel more welcome, or perhaps its more laziness – moving speech more towards the brevity of emails and text messages.

    Tree Hugging Hippies

    Monday, December 5th, 2005

    It’s December already and the Christmas tree is up. Or should that be the Holiday tree? The Christmas songs are playing in the shops, although I still haven’t heard any Slade, Band Aid or Wizzard yet. Oh, and its 20 degrees today, heheh.

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Saturday, November 26th, 2005

    I’ve now cooked my first roast turkey dinner. It took all day to do and there were a few small worries along the way but it all came out well in the end. It seems the same as Christmas Day lunch to me so I enjoyed it – roast turkey, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, stuffing, bread sauce… I can have another go at it in just over a month. All the stores are now well into their ‘holiday season’, one thing you don’t see much of though is ‘Happy Christmas’, its all ‘Happy Holidays’. How very PC.

    Its Christmas time

    Friday, November 18th, 2005

    Yesterday I saw the first Christmas advert of the year and today I saw several houseswith lights on the outside. The most annoying thing is that every shop we went into in the mall was playing Christmas music. I was under the impression that they wait until after Thanksgiving out here to start the Christmas stuff but that’s not until Thursday.

    I’ve heard its getting a bit chilly out there now, the thermometer in the car today read 80 F and my face is a little burned from being outdoors all day working on Derek’s car. Not that I’m gloating or anything, it’s still getting dark by 5pm though.

    Has anyone in England seen Christmas stuff out yet?


    Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

    As you are probably aware Halloween is a lot more popular out here, the stores have been stocking cosutmes for the last month as well as shelves full of ‘fun size’ sweets. I almost said candy bars there. We were invited to a party on Saturday so I went along as Jason Voorhees or Friday the 13th fame and Brenda as a fallen angel.

    It wasn’t the busiest of parties but we managed to enjoy ourselves as far as I can remember, which is somewhere around midnight. Fortunately Brenda stopped them from shaving my eyebrows but instead suggested drawing obscene images on my face with a marker pen. But it’s all fine now because if I don’t remember it, it didn’t really happen.