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    Knackered Knee

    Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

    Its been 2 weeks and my knee has been gradually getting better, still wouldn’t pass any fitness tests though. I’ve been on the 800mg ibuprofen and for the last few days been cutting down on it but it’s just meant that since I cut back there’s more soreness. Still nowhere near playing sports again, not decided yet whether or not to go back for more scans.

    Job hunt is still ongoing, I think everyone is biding their time and will all call to offer me an interview at the same time.

    Job fairs

    Thursday, May 25th, 2006

    The job fairs were a little disappointing. The first one I went to was mainly manual labour – building work and driving trains and I don’t think I could cope with getting my hands dirty. Still, I found a couple of companies recruiting for IT so I handed out some resumés. The second one looked like it would be better but in fact the first room (I thought out of three rooms) was the only room and I only got rid of one resumé. Pretty much the best thing I got from that one was a pen that lights up and I had to feign interest in a job in the railroads to get that.

    I think there is a bigger fair coming up in a couple of weeks, people have been looking at the resumé on Monster but for now I think its back to looking through company websites.