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    Thursday, July 7th, 2005

    That posting seemed to work well enough.

    A couple of days ago (on Independence Day) I went along with Brenda & her family to The Home Depot Center to see Los Angeles Galaxy Vs New England Revolution. It was an enjoyable experience, although somewhat different to a drizzly afternoon at White Hart Lane.

    To start there was a “moment’s silence” for someone who had helped set up the league and passed away the previous week. It was actually a moment, no more than 10 seconds and only a few crowd members seemed to obeserve it anyway. Once that was out of the way the team was announced, each player as if they were a heavyweight boxer (“Cooooooobiiiiiiiii Jooooooones”). The kick of in each half was along the same lines from the announcer “Arrrrrreeeee youuuuuuu readyyyyyyyyyyy?”

    The football wasn’t of the highest quality, although I’m used to that, and the result was disappointing, although I’m used to that too. The best player on the pitch was Cobi Jones and he’s already 35, there’s still a long way to go seeing as these were two of the top clubs in the country. You can get in for about a tenner though which beats any premiership team and the fans are a lot more into it that I imagined they would be although they did boo their striker when he missed a 1-on-1 (he later scored LA’s only goal so maybe booing your own players works out here!)

    Hoping to go back for the Real Madrid game in a couple of weeks.