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    San Francisco

    Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

    We went on a trip up to San Francisco for the weekend, Brenda has Fridays off while the students are off for the summer so we (by we I mean Edith) drove up on Friday morning arriving just in time to get a beer before it was time to get another. There are a lot more bars in SF than Los Angeles, its more of an English type of place – you only have a short walk to the next bar so we sampled some of the local beers.

    The last time I went to SF I wanted to go to Alcatraz but it was a bank holiday weekend and on the Saturday the boats were booked up until Tuesday so I though I’d try again. This time they were booked up until Wednesday. Next time I’m going to book in advance.

    Its a really nice city and 90% of the IT jobs I find advertised seem to be based in San Jose, which is about half an hour to the south. Unfortunately the housing prices are high so maybe its somewhere to look at in the future.