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    Be a good person, save the Internet

    Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

    There’s still a few days left to take advantage of Microsoft’s offer to provide free meals to the charity Feeding America if you download Internet Explorer 8 though their Browse for the Better campaign. Helping out those in need is all well and good, so if it makes you feel like a decent person then get the download to help out. But please if you are using Internet Explorer 6 then download this so that my web designs don’t look like they’ve been kicked in the face by your browser. IE6 doesn’t look at web pages and display them in the way a normal browser does, it takes random parts of the site and chooses something it thinks will amuse the reader or does it’s own thing.

    So help to save the Internet and get rid of any old copies of IE6. Even if you don’t use it get rid of it just in case one day, maybe you’ve had too much to drink and accidentally click the blue E icon instead of the Firefox or Chrome (or I suppose Opera if you have a Linux/Unix beard). Then you break the Internet and a kitten dies.

    So please save the internet and the kittens and upgrade from IE6. Then use Firefox or Chrome because they are much faster.

    For a more in-depth look at why the world is a better place without Internet Explorer 6 check out the article on Mashable – IE6 must die.