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    More car problems

    Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

    My car has stopped working again. I’m beginning to think Derek knew what was coming when he got rid of it. I’m getting sick of that engine light. It’s been fine the last few weeks then all of a sudden 5 minutes after leaving work the car started juddering heavily and the engine light was flashing. The guy at the dealership told me the flashing light is rare and its best not to drive like that. The user’s manual said it means there is a problem with the catalytic converter, which I hope is still covered for another 20,000 miles.

    It started near work and fortunately Brenda was able to find a VW dealer on the net nearby so I brought it over but the garage is closed so I have to leave it here overnight. So I’m sitting here with my free coffee and free wifi (thankfully I now have a laptop for work which is with me) waiting for Brenda to drive the 50 miles down here to pick me up. If it happened next week she’d be driving about 2 miles from our new place!

    Driving in my car

    Monday, March 20th, 2006

    I’ve got myself a new car now, it’s a 2003 VW Jetta (or Bora to the Europeans) 1.8 litre turbo in Relfex Silver. It has a rare manual gearbox so my left leg won’t be wasting away while I’m driving. I’ve already done an oil change on it (most work I’ve ever done on a car) under the tuition of Derek,

    who also sold me the car. I don’t actually have any photos of it yet but I pinched these off of eBay, identical to mine except for the exhaust (mine is better :-p )