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    The end of dialup

    Saturday, February 4th, 2006

    Good win for England this morning, managed to see it via webcam.

    I’m almost out of the dark ages with the internet – I’ll have my very own 3 mb broadband connection next week if all goes to plan. In the meantime I’ve had to get AOL as my previous ISP trial ran out and AOL being as difficult as they can won’t let me send mail from my freeserve account. I can still receive it but I won’t be sending much this week so no-one gets confused and replaces their address book entries as has happened before when I’ve used temporary email.

    Chapel details

    Monday, July 11th, 2005

    The date has finally been confirmed, 12pm on 10 September 2005 (8pm UK time). The wedding will be at The Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, one of the few that don’t look tacky and like you’d get mugged by a bum on the way out. The ceremony will be available via webcam and will be followed by much festivity (not available via webcam but probably via Paul’s photos). That’s one bit sorted……..