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    Reinstalling Windows

    Saturday, April 26th, 2008

    Its that wonderful time of the year, the tree outside my balcony is blossoming, the sun is out, the sky is blue.  And its time to reinstall Windows on my desktop.

    Its not been running too slow but I made the mistake of trying to install something without being certain of the source and got bitten.  The AVG anti-virus found the source file and some other infected files which seem to have stopped the pop-ups trying to get me to sign up for a credit card but I still don’t have a back button in Firefox and I can’t get to any search sites along with a few others.  It’s frustrating but my own fault.  You always hear that the best protection from viruses is your behaviour on the net and I knew when I tried running setup.exe and nothing happened that I was in trouble.  I tried a system restore but all my restore points had been deleted and replaced by one called “last known good restore point”, which I can only imagine would install more junk.

    Well at least its a chance for a fresh start, should speed load times.  Most of my data is not on the C drive, just the programs so it shouldn’t be too painful.

    A+ Certification

    Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
    I’m now looking at doing an A+ Certification exam. Its basically an extra qualification (which seems to b every important in the States) to prove I can do tech support. Hopefully it will help in getting me an interview. I’ve found a couple of sites with info for the test and people seem to be recommending a book by Michael Meyers called A+ Certification All-In-One Exam Guide, so I went to the library to pick up a copy. Amazon has the 6th edition available next month but I wanted to get started now so I thought I’d borrow the current copy instead. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised it was a little out of date, the local library only had the 2nd edition.

    I’m now learning about the latest Windows 95 and DOS technology, and about how PCs are nearing 1 ghz in speed and have between 8-64 mb of RAM. I’m expecting a picture of Paul’s BBC Master to appear every time I turn the page.

    Cleaning up your C drive

    Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

    I had a pretty major crash last week on my C drive, there I was happily playing Half Life when the game freezes and after a restart I get a BSOD even when trying to start in safe mode. It just so happened that next week was going to be the first ever backup of all my photos and everything on the hard drive. Well backups are what you tell people they should be doing, not something you do yourself, right? I managed to get the data backup up onto another PC and scandisk seemed to fix things but I reinstalled Windows from clean anyway. It feels much better to have a nice clean system now – its like going from a room with clothes and stuff all over the place to everything being neatly tidied away. Very cleansing.

    Its amazing how many programmes you build up over the course of a year, I won’t be reinstalling all of them but I still have quite a few to go. I’ve not yet go to that file that you forget to make a copy of before you wipe the hard drive, so hopefully there won’t be one this time. Worryingly I’ve had a few crashes already, but at least things are quicker to load now!